Creative Writing Relay

This space is dedicated to a collaborative writing.
The idea is inspired and related to the Italian format “Staffetta di Scrittura Creativa” (Writing Relay), promoted nationally and internationally by Bimed, but  here adapted to this project.
This version aims to involve students from the four schools participants at Erasmus Project (Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain) in the writing a historical-social story through the idea of traveling between places and times. The aim is to put together different people and try to create a unique and genuine writing product where young people feel their European citizenship playing role. also thanks to the enhancement of a common past.

An author will write an incipit starting from which the story that will grow thanks to students’ chapters.

The soul for Infinity

A young man named Marcus. A journey through time to discover his roots: the Ancient Roman Empire, Persia, the Iberian Peninsula, the Mediterranean Sea… A gift or a curse?
Papers, a notebook, whispers, voices, a box, dusty books: many secrets but also many emotions and passions.
And questions: Is he the only timetraveller? Who are the two mysterious women? Where is his disappeared mother? What is his mission?