Tangible Heritage_Basic Words

triumphal archarco trionfaleTriumphalis arcusarco triunfalTriumphbögenvítězný obloukarc de TriompheMonumental structures containing at least one arched passageway and erected to honor an important person or to commemorate a significant event, particularly a victory in war.The basic form consisted of two piers connected by an arch, over which was placed a superstructure that served as a base for statues and commemorative inscriptions. Triumphal arches generally spanned a roadway used for triumphal processions. They are associated with ancient Roman architecture, developed from the Porta Triumphalis, which the victorious Roman army had to pass before entering the sacred city territory of Rome
burial groundcimiterocoemeterium, area, sepulcretumcementerioBegräbnisplatzpohřebištěcimetièrearea intended to contain the spaces for the burial of the dead, the cineraries and the ossuaries
cryptoporticuscriptoporticocryptoporticuscriptopórticosKryptoportikuskryptoportikumcryptoportiqueIn Ancient Roman architecture a cryptoporticus is a covered corridor or passageway. The usual English is "cryptoportico". The cryptoportico is a semi-subterranean gallery whose vaulting supports portico structures aboveground and which is lit from openings at the tops of its arches. On sloping sites the open side of a cryptoporticus is often partially at ground level and supports a structure such as a forum or Roman villa, in which case it served as basis villae.
road tunnelgalleria stradalecuniculum/cryptatúnel de carreteraStraßentunneltuneltunnel routierAn underground passageway that passes under a mountain, river, or a congested urban area
funerary monumentmonumento funerariofunebris monumentummonumento funerarioGrabmalpohřební stavbamonument funéraireCeremonial structures built for funerals or burials.
houseabitazionedomushogarWohnungobydlídomovArchitecture or other accommodations produced for or adapted to provide shelter and security for the basic physical functions of life for an individual, family, or clan and their dependents, human and animal. Among the functions provided for are a place to sleep, prepare food, eat, and sometimes to work, usually having a door, window, or other source of light and with protection from the weather. The structure designed for either a nuclear or extended family and located in a city or town. The domus as a general architectural type is long-lived in the Roman world, although some development of the architectural form does occurr
cave dwellingabitazione rupestrevivienda cuevaHöhlenwohnungjeskynní obydlíhabitation troglodytiqueDwellings that are made within natural caves or within caves that have been altered for habitation. A cave dwelling is a house created by digging a large pit in the ground. Around the perimeter of this pit caves are then dug to be used as rooms.
Roman fortaccampamento fortificatocastrumcampamento fortificadobefestigtes Lageropevněný táborcamp retranchéThe Roman term castrum is used for different sizes of camps - including large legionary fortresses, smaller forts for cohorts or for auxiliary forces, temporary encampments, and "marching" forts.
aqueductacquedottoaquae ductusacueductoAquäduktakvaduktaqueducWater conduction system installed since ancient times for the water supply of cities and other building complexes. The man-made conduits carry water over long distances, usually by means of gravity, particularly structures that include channels and elevated sections on bridgelike structures, optimized by the Romans and based on inventions of earlier cultures.
acropolisacropoliacropolisacrópolisAkropolisakropoleacropoleAcropoli si the higher and usually fortified sections of ancient Greek cities, typically containing temples and some public buildings and used as places of refuge; typically built on a hill
FrescoAffrescoFrescosFreskofreskaFresque Paintings made by the technique of fresco painting, which is a ancient mural painting technique in which permanent pigments, dispersed in water, are painted on freshly laid lime plaster.
WingalaalaealaFlügelhalaaileA part of a building that sticks out from a central or main part. Wings are separate sections of large homes that contain the private rooms of the family, .
service environmentambiente di servizioentorno de servicioserviceumgebungservisní prostředíenvironnement de serviceEnvironmental services encompass infrastructure services
anchorancoraancoraanclaAnkerKotvaancreAny of various devices dropped to the bottom of a body of water and designed to bury themselves there in order to restrict the movement of watercraft or other floating objects. It is used to moor a ship to the sea bottom, typically having a metal shank with a pair of curved, barbed flukes at one end.
AmphitheatreAnfiteatroamphiteatrumanfiteatrosAmphitheateramfiteátrAmphithéâtreCircular or elliptical structures in which a central performance area is surrounded by rising tiers of seats for for events such as gladiator combats, venationes (animal slayings) and executions.
amphoraanforaamphoraánforaAmphoreamforaamphoreA pottery container used as storage vessel usually having a large oval body with a narrow neck and two or more handles extending from the body of the vessel to the rim.
transport amphoraanfora da trasportoánfora de transporteTransportamphoretransportní amforatransporter l'amphoreThe transort amphora is a pottery container used for the non-local transport of agricultural products
anteroomanticameraantesalaVorkammerpředsíňantichambreRoom preceding or serving as a lobby or means of access to another and more important room
apothecaapothecaapothecaboticaApothekelékárnaapothèque a warehouse or repository.
araaraaraarafreistehender Altararaaraa freestanding altar in ancient Rome
LintelarchitraveepistyliumarquitrabeTürsturzarchitrávarchitraveThe architrave of a classical building.
tablinumtablinotablinumtablinum tablinumtablinumtablinumRooms located at the far end of the atriums in ancient Roman houses. A place where business, work, or one's job is conducted or accomplished.
workshopArea artigianaleofficinatallerWerkstattdílnaatelierWorkshop is a public or private space set aside for manual or light industrial work.
area of clay fragmentsarea di frammenti fittiliarea argillae fragmentorumárea de fragmentos de arcillaBereich von Tonfragmentenplocha s keramickými střepyzone de fragments d'argileDispersion area of ceramic fragments
urban areaarea urbanaurbana areaárea urbanaStadtgebietměstská oblastzone urbaineAreas within city limits or closely linked to them by common use of public utilities or services.
home furnishingsarredo domesticomuebles para el hogarEinrichtungsgegenständebytové zařízenímobilier de maisonFurnishings and Equipment
parietal artarte parietaleparietalis artarte parietalParietalkunstparietální uměníart pariétalParietal art or cave paintings, is a general term referring to the decoration of the walls of rock shelters and caves throughout the world.
atriumatrioatriumvestíbuloAtrium / HalleatriumlobbyAn entrance hall or corridor, as in a public building, often serving as an anteroom.
settling basinbacino di decantazionepiscina limarialavabo de sedimentaciónSchwimmbeckensedimentační nádržbassin de décantationserbatoio dislocato lungo il percorso degli acquedotti e al punto d’arrivo
balcony external horizontal partitionbalcone partizione esterna orizzontaletabique horizontal exterior del balcónBalkon / externe horizontale Trennwandbalkonbalcon cloison horizontale extérieurePlatforms projecting from the exterior walls of buildings. Use also for similar interior features, when small.
quaybanchinamuelleKainábřežíquaiman-made banks or landing stages, typically built of stone, lying alongside or projecting into water for loading and unloading ships
basementbasamentobasissótanoUntergeschosssuterénsous-solthe lowermost portion of a structure partly or wholly below ground level
BasilicaBasilicabasilicaBasílicaBasilikabazilikaBasiliqueRefers to religious or secular buildings characterized by an oblong plan divided into a nave with two or more side aisles, the former higher and wider than the latter and generally lit by clerestory windows; usually terminated by an apse. In Roman and Early Christian basilicas was used for administrative activities, the ground plan typically was a parallelogram in which the width was not greater than one-half of the length and not less than one-third of it. In the Catholic church, basilica is a term assigned to certain churches as an honorific.
librarybibliotecaBibliothecaBibliotecaBibliothekknihovnabibliothèqueBuildings set apart to contain books for reading, study, or reference, typically with shelves containing books and tables and seating for users of the library.
glassbicchierevidrioTrinkgefäßskleniceverreVessels used for drinking liquids
villageborgovillaaldeasDorfvesnicevillageMixed-use communities designed to combine residential sections in close proximity to employment, retail, and entertainment facilities linked by pedestrian-oriented thoroughfares; often located in suburban contexts.
shopbottegatabernatiendaEinkaufprodejnamagasinOriginally meaning a single-room shop for the sale of goods and services, tabernae were often incorporated into domestic dwellings on the ground level flanking the fauces, the main entrance to a home, but with one side open to the street.
bottlebottigliabotellaFlaschelahevbouteilleVessels having a neck and mouth considerably narrower than the body, used for packaging and containing liquid and dry preparations.
brazierbracierebraseroKohlebeckenohništěbraseroreceptacles, usually metal or terracotta, having a base designed to hold live coals, and sometimes with a grate or pierced top, used for heating a room or for heating or cooking food.
pitcherbroccahydriajarroKrugdžbánpot à eauVessels, generally of ceramic, glass, metal, or plastic, that have a wide mouth with a broad lip and usually a handle at one side, but sometimes having two ears; includes those accompanied by a washbowl and used for personal hygiene.
bustsbustoimagobustoBüstebustabousillerWorks of sculpture representing a person's head, shoulders, and some part of the torso.
inkwellcalamaiotinteroTintenfasskalamářencrierSmall vessels for holding ink into which a pen can be dipped.
castcalcoemitirAbdruckotiskjeterSculptural works or reproductions made by casting.
CalidariumcalidariocalidariumcalidariumHeißbadcalidariumcalidariumThe hot room in a Roman bath, sometimes containing a hot-water plunge.
cameocameocameocamafeoKameekamejcaméeSmall reliefs made from materials having layers of different colors, such as gems, glass, ceramics, or shell, and carved so that the design stands out in one color against a background in another.
burial chambercamera sepolcralecubiculariuscámara funerariaGrabkammerpohřební komorachambre funéraireRooms or other areas, above or below ground, that are reserved for burial, generally intended to accomodate one or a small number of bodies
Bell towercampanilecampanarioKampanilenzvoniceclocherLofty detached bell towers, particularly such towers found adjacent to certain churches
channelcanaleaestuarium, cloaca, cuniculus, fossa, rivuscanalKanalkanálcanalisermanufatto a superficie libera, a cielo aperto o sotterraneo, destinato a convogliare acqua; può
essere costruito per la bonifica, l’irrigazione, lo scolo, il drenaggio, la regolarizzazione degli invasi, il
ricambio dell’acqua per l’ostricultura e la piscicultura
channelingcanalizzazionecanalizaciónKanalisationkanalizacecanalisationornamentation with flutes or channels
candlestickcandelabrocandelabrumcandeleroKerzenständersvícenchandelierCandleholders with a single candle socket mounted on a support with a widened base or foot for balance; often the support is columnar in form
loading of materials on boardcarico di materiali di bordocarga de materiales a bordoVerladen von Materialien an Bordnaklád materiálů na palubuchargement de matériel à bordloading of materials on board
housecasadomushogarHausdůmMaisonA building in which people live; residence.
tower housecasa torrecasa torreTurmhausVěžový důmmaison tourA tower house is a particular type of stone structure, built for defensive purposes as well as habitation.
farmhousecasalevilla rusticacasas de labranzaBauernhäuserstatekferme Chief dwellings attached to farms, particularly a dwelling for the family of a family-owned and -operated farm.
block of flatscaseggiatobloque de pisosWohnblockpanelákimmeublea large building that has several or many apartments
Roman campAccampamento militarecastracampamento militarmilitair kamp válečný táborcamp militaireThe Roman camp was characterized by excellent performance. What is worth emphasizing was not built by professional engineers and builders, but by ordinary legionaries. The main building material was wood. The camp was created during the campaign every day.
fortified towncastelliereoppidum munitumciudad fortificadabefestigte Stadtopevněné městoville fortifiée town with fortifications such as defensive walls
CastlecastellocastellumCastilloKastellhradchâteauBuildings or groups of buildings intended primarily to serve as a fortified residence of a prince or nobleman
water castle, distribution basincastello d’acqua, bacino di distribuzionecastellum aquae, castellum aquae, castellum-immissarium, castellum divisoriumcastillo de agua, cuenca de distribuciónWasserspeicherdistribuční nádržchâteau d'eau, bassin de distributioncollector, which collected water from a aqueduct and distributed them in the different areas of a city
military castlecastello militarecastillo militarmilitärische Burgvojenský hradchâteau militaireA castle fortified built during the Middle Ages predominantly by military orders
catacombcatacombacatacumbacatacumbaKatakombekatakombycatacombesUnderground systems of passages used as cemeteries, generally unsystematic and irregular in plan with networks of galleries and multiple levels over extensive areas.
cellcellacelaTempelraumcellacelluleThe interior, enclosed parts of Greek or Greco-Roman temples, usually containing the cult statue of the god and encompassing any sub-chambers within the solid wall, such as the vestibule, sanctuary or central chamber, and treasury.
cenotaphcenotafiocenotaphiumcenotafioZenotaphiumkenotafcénotapheEmpty sepulchral monument, elevated in memory of a deceased buried elsewhere or whose body
could not be recovered
nailschiodiunguesclavoshřebíkyclousFasteners that are designed for impact insertion, usually slender, pointed, and headed.
cemeterycimiterocoemeteriumcementerioFriedhofhřbitovcimetièreareas used for burial or entombment
defensive wallscinta fortificatamoeniamuralla defensivaWehrmauernopevněné zdimur de défense Use broadly for all sorts of walls constructed to resist attack.
circuscircocircuscircoKreiscirkuscirqueOblong ancient Roman enclosures that are curved at one end, with tiered seating on three sides, and built for chariot and horse racing
tankcisterna cisterna, lacus, stagnum, receptaculumtanqueZisternecisternaCharriserva idrica, serbatoio, collettore, costruzione destinata ad immagazzinare e conservare una certa quantità d’acqua, può essere costruita o scavata nella roccia
CityCittàUrbsCiudadStadtměstoVilleGenerally, cities designate large or important communities with population, status, and internal complexity greater than most towns in the region.
colandercolinocolumcoladorSiebsítopassoireBowl-shaped or conical devices with perforated or pierced walls, used for draining and straining foods; usually set on a base or on legs.
columbariumcolombarioculumbarium, monumentum, ossarium, ossuarium, sepulchrumpalomeraMonument, Grabmal, KolumbariumkolumbáriumcolumbariumA structure that is used to house urns with the cremated remains (ashes) of the deceased. It may be either freestanding, or part of a chapel or mausoleum. The sepulchral environment can be hypogeal or semi-hypogeal, in whose walls there are niches or niches to store the cinerary urns
columncolonnacolumnacolumnaSäulesloupcolonneA tall, straight, slender upright support; a pillar used for support or standing alone as a monument.
honorary columncolonna onorariacolumna honorariacolumna honorariaEhrenkolumnečestný sloupcolonne d'honneurA column used as an honorary monument
convent complexcomplesso conventualeconventum complexcomplejo del conventoKlosterkomplexklášterní komplexcomplexe du couvent
monastic complexcomplesso monasticomonasticum complexumcomplejo monásticoKlosterkomplexklášterní komplexcomplexe monastique
conductcondottaconductaconductaBenehmenpotrubí, vedeníconduite
funerary equipmentcorredo funerariofunebra apparataequipo funerarioGrabbeigabepohřební výbavaéquipement funéraire
courtyardcortilecompluviumpatioInnenhofdvůrCourBuilding, Architecturea court open to the sky, esp. one enclosed on all four sides.
cryptoporticuscriptoporticocryptoporticuscryptoporticusKrypta, Kryptoportikuskryptoportikuscryptoportiquestruttura che he costituisce soltanto laparte inferiore, spesso parzialmente interrata, di un insieme che la ingloba e la assimila.
cubicle (bedroom)cubicolo (stanza da letto)Cubiculum (cubiculum)cubículo (dormitorio)Schlafzimmercubiculum (ložnice)cabine (chambre)A room used for sleeping.
kitchencucinaculinacocinaKüchekuchyňcuisineA room or place equipped for cooking or preparing food, washing dishes, and the like.
funeral depositiondeposizione funerariafunus depositionisdeposición fúnebreBeerdigungposmrtné uloženídépôt funéraire
damdigarepresaGrabenhrázendiguercostruzione che sbarra più o meno completamente un corso d’acqua per formare una riserva
newsstandedicolapuesto de periódicosZeitungsstandnovinový stánekkiosque à journaux
building of worshipedificio di cultoedificio de cultoGotteshausbudova bohoslužbybâtiment de culte
building of worship and annexesedificio di culto ed annessiedificio de culto y anexosGotteshaus und Nebengebäudebudova bohoslužeb a přístavbybâtiment de culte et annexes
unidentified buildingedificio non identificatoedificio no identificadonicht identifiziertes Gebäudeneidentifikovaná budovabâtiment non identifié
private buildingedificio privatoprivatum aedificiumedificio privadoprivates Gebäudesoukromá budovaimmeuble privé
public buildingedificio pubblicopublicum aedificiumedificio publicoöffentliches Gebäudeveřejná budovabâtiment public
rural service buildingedificio rurale di servizioedificio de servicios ruralesländliches Dienstleistungsgebäudeslužební rurální budovabâtiment de service rural
protective element - external vertical external partitionelemento di protezione - esterno partizione esterna verticaleelemento de protección - tabique exterior vertical exteriorSchutzelement - externe vertikale Trennwandélément de protection - cloison externe verticale externe
separation element - external vertical external partitionelemento di separazione - esterno partizione esterna verticaleelemento de separación - tabique exterior vertical exteriorTrennelement - extener vertikale Trennwandélément de séparation - cloison externe verticale externe
separating element - internal vertical internal partitionelemento di separazione - interno partizione interna verticaleelemento de separación - tabique interior vertical interiorTrennelement - interne vertikale Trennwandélément de séparation - cloison interne verticale interne
farmfattoriavilla rusticagranjaVilla, Landhausvilla rusticacultiverA tract of land, usually with a house, barn, silo, etc., on which crops and often live animals are raised.
fountainfontanafonsfuenteQuellefontánaFontainecostruzione di varie forme, dimensioni e materiali, destinata a raccogliere e distribuire l’acqua
monumental fountainfontana monumentalefons monumentalisfuente monumentalmonumentaler Brunnenmonumentální fontánafontaine monumentale
anthropogenic attendancefrequentazione antropicaasistencia antropogénicaanthropogene Anwesenheitfréquentation anthropique
frigidariumfrigidariofrigidariumfrigidariumKaltbadfrigidariumfrigidariumThe cold room in a Roman bath, sometimes containing a cold-water plunge.
fastigium frontonefastigiumfrontónGiebelfrontonfrontonFastigium is a pediment, the triangular  part at the top of the front of a building that  supports  the  roof  and is often  decorated
road tunnelgalleria stradaleuniculumtúnel de carreteraStraßentunneltunnel routier
bathing facilityimpianto balneareinstalación de bañoBademöglichkeitinstallation de baignade
ceramic plantimpianto ceramicoofficinaplanta de ceramicaKeramikanlageplante en céramique
service facilityimpianto di servizioinstalación de servicioServiceeinrichtungslužební zařízeníinstallation de services
metallurgical plantimpianto metallurgicoplanta metalúrgicaHüttenwerkusine métallurgique
plant for fish farmingimpianto per la piscicolturaplanta para pisciculturaAnlage für die Fischzuchtplante pour la pisciculture
spa facilityimpianto termalethermaeinstalaciones de spaSpa-Einrichtunginstallation thermale
wool industryindustria della lanaindustria de la lanaWollindustrieindustrie de la laine
horizontal external frame with upper closureinfisso esterno orizzontale chiusura superioremarco externo horizontal con cierre superiorhorizontaler Außenrahmenverschluss obencadre extérieur horizontal avec fermeture supérieure
vertical external window vertical closureinfisso esterno verticale chiusura verticaleventana exterior vertical cierre verticalvertikales Außenfenster - vertikaler Verschlussfenêtre extérieure verticale fermeture verticale
internal horizontal frame internal horizontal partitioninfisso interno orizzontale partizione interna orizzontalemarco horizontal interno tabique horizontal internointerner horizontaler Rahmen - interne horizontale Trennwandcadre horizontal interne cloison horizontale interne
vertical internal frame vertical internal partitioninfisso interno verticale partizione interna verticalemarco interior vertical tabique interior verticalvertikaler Innenrahmen - vertikale Innenwandcadre intérieur vertical cloison intérieure verticale
horizontal frame lower horizontal closureinfisso orizzontale chiusura orizzontale inferioremarco horizontal cierre horizontal inferiorhorizontaler Innenrahmen, unterer horizontaler Verschlusscadre horizontal fermeture horizontale inférieure
agricultural infrastructureinfrastruttura agrariainfraestructura agrícolalandwirtschaftliche Infrastrukturzemědělská infrastrukturainfrastructures agricoles
care infrastructureinfrastruttura assistenzialeinfraestructura asistencialPflegeinfrastrukturasistenční infrastrukturainfrastructures de soins
consolidation infrastructureinfrastruttura di consolidamentoinfraestructura de consolidaciónKonssolidierungsinfrastrukturinfrastruktura k zpevněníinfrastructure de consolidation
service infrastructureinfrastruttura di servizioinfraestructura de servicioService-Infrastrukturslužební infrastrukturainfrastructures de services
water infrastructureinfrastruttura idricainfraestructura de aguaWasserinfrastrukturvodní inrastrukturainfrastructures hydrauliques
port infrastructureinfrastruttura portualeinfraestructura portuariaHafeninfrastrukturinfrastruktura přístavuinfrastructures portuaires
road infrastructureinfrastruttura viariaviainfraestructura vialStraßeninfrastrukturruznorodá infrastrukturainfrastructures routières
infrastructure and servicesinfrastrutture e serviziinfraestructura y serviciosInfrastruktur und Dienstleistungeninfrastruktury a službyinfrastructures et services
fortified settlementinsediamento fortificatoasentamiento fortificadobefestigte Siedlungopevněné osídlenícolonie fortifiée
pile-dwelling settlementinsediamento palafitticoloasentamiento de pilotesPfahlbausiedlungkůlové osídleníhabitation sur pilotis
rock settlementinsediamento rupestreasentamiento rocosoFelsensiedlungjeskynní osídlenírèglement de roche
scattered settlementinsediamento sparsoasentamiento dispersoStreusiedlungrozptýlené osídleníagglomération dispersée
temporary settlementinsediamento temporaneoasentamiento temporalvorübergehende Niederlassungdočasné osídleníinstallation temporaire
urban settlementinsediamento urbanoasentamiento urbanostädtische Siedlungměstské osídleníagglomération urbaine
hypocaustipocaustohypocaustumhipocaustoHeizunghypokausthypocausteAn ancient Roman heating system in which hot air circulated under the floor and between double walls.
public latrinelatrina pubblicapublica latrinaletrina publicaöffentliche Toiletteveřejná latrínalatrines publiques
innlocandatabernaPosadaGasthausobchod, hospodaaubergea place where liquor is served;
a tavern.
place for public useluogo ad uso pubblicolugar para uso publicoPlatz für die öffentliche Nutzungveřejný prostorlieu à usage public
memorial placeluogo commemorativolugar conmemorativoGedenkstättepomníklieu de mémoire
place of production activityluogo di attività produttivalugar de actividad de producciónOrt für produktive Aktivitätenmísto produkcelieu d'activité de production
outdoor place of worshipluogo di culto all’apertolugar de culto al aire libreAndachtsstätte im Freienlieu de culte extérieur
brothellupanarelupanarburdelBordellnevěstinecmaison de prostitution
warehousemagazzinodepósitoScheune, Magazinskladdépotedificio pubblico con funzione di deposito, in cui le merci venivano immagazzinate prima di
essere distribuite
mansiomansiomansioMansioQuartierstanovištěmanoirstazione di tappa con locanda per mangiare, bere, ripararsi la notte e stallatico, ubicata lungo le strade romane
dispersed materialsmanufatti dispersiartefactos faltantesfehlende Artefakterozložené artefaktyartefacts manquants
mausoleummausoleomausoleummausoleoMausoleummausoleummausoléetomba monumentale
MetopemetopametopaMetopemetopamétopeAny of the square spaces, either decorated or plain, between triglyphs in the Doric frieze. Also called intertriglyph. See diag. under column.
funerary monumentmonumento funerariomonumento funerarioGrabmal, Grabdenkmalpohřební monumentmonument funéraire
isolated monument for worshipmonumento isolato per il cultomonumento aislado para el cultoisolierte Andachtsstättemonument isolé pour le culte
isolated monument for worshipmonumento isolato per il cultomonumento aislado para el cultoisoliertes Denkmal für die Anbetungmonument isolé pour le culte
WallsMuraMoeniaParedesMauerzdiDes murs
nymphaeum, monumental fountainninfeo, fontana monumentaleninfeo, fons monumentalisninfeo, fuente monumentalNymphaeumnymfeumnymphée, fontaine monumentale
textile workshopofficina tessiletextile officinataller textilTextilwerkstatttextilní dílnaatelier textile
drainage workopera di drenaggiotrabajo de drenajeEntwässerungsarbeitenpráce na řecetravaux de drainage
masonryopera murariastructuraalbañileríaMauerwerkzdivomaçonnerie
cooking panpadellacharola para hornearPfannepánevpoêle
stilt housepalafittacasa sobre pilotesStelzenhauskůlové obydlímaison sur pilotis
gymnasiumpalestraGimnasioSportplatzzápasištěgymA building or room designed and equipped for indoor sports, exercise, or physical education.
Floor upon vaultPavimento su voltaSolum in viaPiso sobre bóvedaFußbodenVyvýšená podlahaSol sur voûteThe part of a room that forms its lower surface and upon which one walks.
peristyleperistilioperistyliumperistiloSäulenhalleperistylpéristyleAn open space, as a courtyard, surrounded by a colonnade.
poolpiscinapiscinaSchwimmbeckenbazénbassinA small body of standing water.
bringsportaianuatraeTür / TordveřeporteA movable barrier of wood, glass, or metal for opening and closing an entranceway, cupboard, cabinet, or the like, usually turning on hinges or sliding in grooves.
back doorporta posteriorepuerta traseraHintertürzadní vchodporte arrièreA door at the rear of a house, building, etc.
front porchporticoporticusporche delanteroSäulenhallePortikusle porche
enclosurerecintorecintoGehegeohradaenceintestruttura di forma geometrica costituita da un fossato e da un muro che delimitano un’area
fence outdoor equipment - furniturerecinzione attrezzatura esterna - arredovalla equipo exterior - mueblesZaun, Outdoor-Ausrüstung, Möbelplot venkovní vybavení - nábytekclôture équipement d'extérieur - mobilier
wreckrelittonaufragioReliktvraképaveimbarcazione colata a picco con l’attrezzatura di bordo e l’eventuale
carico, di cui rimangano il solo scafo, o lo scafo con carico e attrezzatura, o il solo carico o/e l’attrezzatura
rainwater drainage system liquid disposal systemrete di scarico acque meteoriche impianto smaltimento liquidisistema de drenaje de agua de lluvia sistema de eliminación de líquidosRegenwasserabflusssystem, Flüssigkeitsentsorgungssystemsystém odvodnění dešťové vody systém likvidace kapalinsystème de drainage des eaux de pluie système d'élimination des liquides
back shopretrobottegatrastiendaHinterzimmerzadní obchodarrière-boutique
sacellumsacellosacellumsacellumHeiligtumpokoj, místnostsacelle
saunasaunasaunaSaunasaunasaunaA bath that uses dry heat to cause the person in it to perspire.
silossilossilossilosSilosilosilosstruttura scavata o costruita, situata spesso all’esterno delle abitazioni e destinata a
conservare i prodotti alimentari, essenzialmente cereali, ed a proteggerli dai predatori e dai parassiti
unidentified sitesito non identificatositio no identificadounbekannter Ortneidentifikovaná lokalitasite non identifié
substructuresostruzioneinfraestructuraFundament, Unterkonstruktionsubstrukturastructurestruttura con funzione di fondazione per edifici o opere di terrazzamento in zone con pendenza
locker roomspogliatoiovestuarioUmkleidešatnavestiaire
rest stationstazione di sostafirmamentum stationestación de descansoStation, Raststationzastávkastation de repose una delle tappe del servizio ufficiale postale e dei trasporti sulle vie principali dell’impero
rest stationstazione di sostafirmamentum stationestación de descansoRaststationzastávkastation de repos
stylobatestilobatestylobatestylobateStylobatstylobatstylobateA course of masonry, part of the stereobate, forming the foundation for a colonnade, esp. the outermost colonnade.
fortification structurestruttura di fortificazionemunitionis structuraestructura de fortificaciónFestungsstrukturfortifikační strukturastructure de fortification
pantegamesarténPfannela poêle
templetempiotemplumtemploTempelchrámtempleA place for the service or worship of a diety.
tepidarytepidariotepidariumtepidarioWarmbad , Lauwarmbadtepidariumtepidaire
bathstermethermaespaThermelázněspaComplex of rooms designed for public bathing, relaxation, and social activity
terracottaterracotteterracotaTerracottaterakotaterre cuite
embankmentterrapienovallumterraplénAckernásepdiguestruttura con funzione di fondazione per edifici o opere di terrazzamento
dyeworkstintoriatintoreríaFärbereičistírnanettoyeurs à sec
underground chamber tombtomba a camera ipogeatomba a camera ipogeatumba de cámara subterráneaunterirdisches Kammergrabpodzemní komorová hrobkatombe à chambre souterraine
Capuchin tombtomba a cappuccinacappuccinoTumba de los capuchinosKapuzinergrabKapucínská hrobkaTombeau des Capucins
caisson tombtomba a cassonetomba cassonetumba de cajónSenkkastengrabkesonová hrobkatombe à caissons
cell tombtomba a cellatomba a celltumba celularZellengrabbuněčná hrobkatombe de cellule
cube tombtomba a dadotomba a dadotumba cuboWürfelgrabkrychlový hrobtombe de cube
aedicule tombtomba a edicolatomba a edicolatumba de edículoÄdikulagrabedikulová hrobkatombe d'édiculeIn this type of tomb the burial was enclosed in a structure known as the Aedicula, a niche covered by a pediment or entablature supported by a pair of columns uch a structure forming a shrine.
burial enchytrismostomba a enchytrismostomba enchytrismostumba en enchytrismosEnchytrismos-Grabhrobka u enchytrismostombe à enchytrismosthe burial in enchytrismos is procedure in which the dead person is placed inside a large urn or amphora.
oven cryptstomba a fornotomba fornotumba de hornoOfengrabpecí hrobtombeau de fourThe oven crypts got their name from how they resemble a brick oven used for baking. The only thing baking in these tombs, however, were people who were buried communally.
pit tombtomba a fossatomba et fossatumba de pozoGrubengrabjámová hrobkatombe à fossea grave consisting of a deep pit with vertical sides and with or without a lateral niche
cremation tombtomba a incinerazionetomba in incineratiotumba de cremaciónEinäscherungsgrabkremační hrobtombe de crémationA tomb used for disposal of a dead person's body by burning it to ashes, typically after a funeral ceremony
burial tombtomba a inumazionetomba a inumazionetumba de entierroGrabstättepohřební hrobtombe funéraireA grave or the remains found in a tomb utilised as a repository for the remains of the dead. It is generally any structurally enclosed interment space or burial chamber, of varying sizes. Placing a corpse into a tomb can be called immurement, and is a method of final disposition.
niche tombtomba a loculotomba a locotumba de nichoNischengrabvýklenkový hrobtombe de nicheniche tomb is a recessed space in a wall or in a columbarium used to place urns containing cremated remains.
beehive tomb tomba a tholostomba et tholostumba de tholosTholos-Grabtholos hrobkatombeau de tholosA beehive tomb, also known as a tholos tomb, is a burial structure characterized by its false dome created by corbelling, the superposition of successively smaller rings of mudbricks or, more often, stones.
tympanum tombtomba a timpanotomba a timpanotumba del tímpanoTympanon-Grabtympanonová hrobkatombeau à tympanA tomb decoretad with a tympanum
burial moundstomba a tumulotomba in tumulotumba de túmuloHügelgrabmohylový hrobtombe à tumulusBurial mounds are a centuries-old way of laying the dead to rest, practiced around the world throughout history. And tumuli (the plural of tumulus) also act as monuments designed to honor and remember the dead. Many of the most well-known burial mounds in the world memorialize ancient, important people.
rock tombtomba rupestretomba rupestretumba de rocaFelsengrabjeskynní hrobkatombe de pierreA rock-cut tomb is a burial chamber that is cut into an existing, naturally occurring rock formation, so a type of rock-cut architecture.
tombtombetombetumbasGrabhrobytombeauxa large vault, typically an underground one, for burying the dead or a monument to the memory of a dead person, erected over their burial place
towertorretorreTurmvěžla toura tall, narrow building, either free-standing or forming part of a building such as a church or castle
traces of cultivationtracce di coltivazionerastros de cultivoSpuren des Anbauspozůstatky zemědělstvítraces de culturea mark, object, or other indication of the existence cultivation
dining roomtricliniotricliniumtriclinioSpeisezimmertricliniumtricliniumThe dining room of a Roman house.A couch extending along three sides of a table, for reclining on at meals.
TrophyTrofeoTrophaeusTrofeoTrophäetrofeumTrophéea decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success
moundtumulotumulusmontículoHügelmohylamonticuleAn artificial elevation of earth, as for a defense work or a dam or barrier; an embankment
ointmentunguentariounguentariumungüentoSalbeunguentariumpommadea smooth oily substance that is rubbed on the skin for medicinal purposes or as a cosmetic
BasinvascaCuencaSammelbeckenimpluviumBassinA basin is a sheltered area of water deep enough for boats, or an area of land that is lower than all the surrounding land
vestibulevestibolovestibulumvestíbuloVestibülvestibulvestibuleA passage, hall, or small chamber between the outer door and the interior parts of a house or building.
glassworksvetreriavetreriaCristaleríaGlaswarensklářstvíVerrerie factory for the moulding of glass
glasswarevetriad treslentesGläsersklalunettesGlassware consists of objects made of glass, such as bowls, drinking containers, and ornaments. Any of a large class of materials with highly variable mechanical and optical properties that solidify from the molten state without crystallization, are typically made by silicates fusing with boric oxide, aluminum oxide, or phosphorus pentoxide, are generally hard, brittle, and transparent or translucent, and are considered to be supercooled liquids rather than true solids.
viaductviadottoviaductviaductoViaduktviaduktviaducA long bridge-like structure, typically a series of arches, carrying a road or railway across a valley or other low ground.
villavillavillavillaVilla, Landhausvilla rusticavillaAn ancient Roman house or farm with land surrounding it
VillageVillaggiovicusPuebloDorfvesniceVillageA group of houses and associated buildings, larger than a hamlet and smaller than a town, situated in a rural area.
viridariumviridarioviridariumviridarioviridariumviridaireA garden, enclosed by columns, which occupied the central part of the peristyle
mintzeccazeccamentaMinzemincovnamentheA place where coins, medals, or tokens are made
strigilstrigilestrigilestrigilSchabeisen / StriegelstrigilstrigileStrigil is bone or metal instrument, curved and equipped with a handle, used in ancient times to cleanse the body after bathing or even after gymnastic competitions.
faucespassaggio strettofaucespasaje angosto Flurfaucespassage étroitFauces are a narrow passage, a vestibule of an ancient Roman house